What happens when one cannot gain protection from the local police? Back before the civil rights movement, a band of vigilantes would round up those deemed guilty without the protection of due process and in substitution for jail time. This group of vigilantes was called the Ku Klux Klan. An alleged Camden, New Jersey police force "disbanded" but what really happened was that "three times as many officers were on the street" (source Channel 4 NBS New York). Ahmaud Arbery and some of the alleged cases by Black Lives Matter involved armed citizens not directed by police. Police undergo vetting and training, who will vet and train these community enforcers? Keep the police and ignore those who put passion over decency.

Rent control harms this city by its effects. Effects matter, intentions don't. The effect of rent control would be a shift from older multifamily units to new, expensive new developments that won't be affected by rent control measures. This rent control plan also will lead to a $1.5 million cost for residents. The vast majority of economists also warn against rent control. Please do not force rent control on this city.

Edit: I don't want Culver City to become New York or San Francisco. Rent control, not war, ruined Hanoi, Vietnam.

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