To help mitigate hazardous intersections where people, bikes and autos all come into contact daily.

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Doug Reyes 3 months ago

I live on Braddock and it currently is a dangerous place to bike or even open your car door because of the many drivers who use it as a Venice and Culver work-around commuter boulevard. COVID has allowed residents more liberty to use Braddock as a neighborhood street to bike, jog, etc. due to the reduction in car traffic. But, once we recover from COVID lock-down, and once all the new residential and commercial development goes "live" Braddock will worse than ever for residents.

Eileen OSullivan 3 months ago

I brought this up with city council members many years ago when the traffic circle went in farther down on Braddock closer to the freeway entrance. I think it would be a great solution for our corner.