Please Do not Defund the Police Department! CCAN has other agendas to reshape Local & State Governments. They want this within 3 months.

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Patrick Dolan 3 months ago

My name is Patrick Dolan. I’ve lived in Culver City my whole life (57 years). Culver City has always been our little Mayberry with low crime and a strong Police force, which I truly believe is why we have low crime. We also have a top notch fire department. I truly believe any cuts to the Police budget would just push us closer to what we experience right as we step out of Culver City across Venice Blvd. As a long time resident please do not cut the CCPD budget. I truly believe this would be one large mistake .

Christie Gaynor about 1 month ago

It came to my attention that there is a referendum going in front of city council to defund the Culver City Police Department by 50%! I certainly hope this is not the case.

I am both a business owner (member of the chamber since 2009) and resident (since 2004) and the one thing I always boast about living in our beautiful city is our police and fire services. My husband is a custom home rep for ADT and has been since 2006 and the LAPD is notorious for showing up an hour or more after a burglary alarm goes off in LA. We have the privilege of living in a city that has response times of 3 minutes!

I have called the police as a business owner and as a resident and they have always been there, including most recently when we had an illegal pot dispensary at our corner. I am for 8cantwait and other measures for more transparency and accountability for officers who are not providing service and protection to ALL our citizens, but defunding the police is NOT the answer.

Crime is UP, not down. I have lived in my neighborhood since 2008 and we have had more crime in the last 6 months then all our years here. My husband tells me, since he is in the security industry, that crime is up everywhere across the county. His business is booming.

Please, please do not make this foolish decision that will only cause more harm to your citizens. It is because of the CCPD we did not have more looting as our neighboring cities had and there has NOT been a chronic record of systemic racism here in our own police department in years. Please do not defund our police, if there are some changes that need to be made per the 8cantwait protocols, do them, but don't put your citizens in harm's way and lose the precious resource we have for a fast response and solid police presence in Culver City.

Please feel free to share my letter/email to the rest of the council and constituents. I don't want to be like the other cities who have done this and are now facing the consequences.

Thank you!